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Get Your Sexy Tan with a Great White Smile

90% of people say that your smile is the first thing they notice about you. 92% of communication is non-verbal. Make a great impression in less than 20 minutes. One of our certified and trained technicians will make you look and feel young with our new age defying smile. Make yourself look and feel great!


The #1 Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Company in the United States

This state-of-the art technology combines 5 key elements (Light, Peroxide, Pressure, Heat, and Exposure) to give you a whiter, brighter smile in minutes. The best part, it does not cause sensitivity!

5 Key Elements to Achieving the Perfect Smile

  1. Peroxide: When peroxide combines with the moisture in your mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth to release stains that have built up over time.

  2. Light: The conversion of hydrogen peroxide to hydroxyl radicals can be accelerated and sustained by exposure to certain wavelengths of light, basically from about 400 to 560 nanometers. And since the sun transmits all light wavelengths, it is the perfect source to facilitate teeth whitening. Additionally the simulated sunlight from the tanning bed also accelerates the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into powerful, whitening hydroxyl radicals. Our flexible mouth tray acts as a lens to focus the light.

  3. Pressure: Pressure and contact are required to force hydroxyl radicals into the enamel of your teeth. Once inserted in the flexible mouth tray, mild pressure conforms the patented peroxide strip to the shape of your teeth.

  4. Heat: Peroxide becomes more active as it heats up, releasing more of its powerful hydroxyl radicals than would occur at lower temperatures. The heat generated by the sun or your tanning bed is essential in facilitating this process.

  5. Exposure: Length of exposure is key to effective whitening. WhiteScience’s revolutionary technology will brighten your smile in as little as 20 minutes in direct sunlight or 10 minutes in the tanning bed.