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Omega 24,000 Watt

Omega 24,000 Watt Tanning Bed

German Flag Manufactured in Germany by Dr. Mueller

Experience the Ultimate Luxury of the Omega.

The Omega offers HIGH-PRESSURE tanning for both the advanced indoor tanner, as well as, the beginners! This high pressure unit is far superior to any other high pressure unit available and produces 10 times the tanning output of ordinary tanning equipment.

The Omega provides a gentler UVA ray, filtering out most of the UVB rays resulting in a healthy looking tan in as little as three sessions.

  • 16 minute session, 8 minutes per side
  • 100% UVA
  • Filters out UVB rays (high frequency reddening rays)
  • Deeper Darker tan that lasts longer
  • The most efficient tan in the shortest time
  • Only tan once every 7-10 days
  • Can last up to 2 weeks or more!